Breast self-exams have saved millions of lives… using simple human touch.

Now imagine your fingers becoming five times more sensitive. So a mass that you might not feel with a regular self-exam gets detected.

Welcome to the vision behind Eclipse*. It enables you to “see” potential problems before you might feel them. Eclipse is a small scanning device that creates a digital map of your breast with GPS-like precision. Denser masses vividly appear on your computer or iPad screen to prompt you to seek a comprehensive diagnosis.  As early as possible.

It’s a Smart Breast Self-Exam. All in the privacy of your home. With an easy and secure way to monitor the images yourself… or share images with your doctor or our review service.  And Eclipse is as safe to use as a blood pressure monitor.

Welcome to the Revolution . Put Breast Health Into Your Hands.

** The Eclipse 1 device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The FDA has not yet evaluated the Eclipse 1 device, technology, services or statements. The Eclipse 1 device is a pre-production model intended to be used by our pilot program participants, for the use of simulation practice, education and testing. Since the Eclipse 1 works off of very low-level light (photons), there is no invasive or harmful technology involved. Our goal is to create a device that will act as a prompting tool for the user to seek professional medical attention if changes in the breast are seen and/or detected, and empower women to better monitor their breast health.